Todd Hoover
Castaic, CA
(661) 670-8686

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  • EXTENSIVE WINDOWS SERVER MANAGEMENT BACKGROUND, Installing and configuring Wintel servers and setting critical security attributes. Strong Knowledge of Active Directory with some Exchange Admin. Also have some experience Avaya/Nortel VOIP telephone system, and extensive experience providing end-user desktop support.

  • EXTENSIVE VB.NET SCRIPTING background with some Python Programming and C++ (QT Creator) also, Management and configuration of web services and design of web pages (HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP). Some SQL administration.


IT Admin:  Ronan Engineering (2015-2021)

  • SQL ADMINISTRATION Ensuring that all file servers and Macola SQL databases are backed up. Regularly check that the local Seagate NAS Backup servers and Carbonite cloud backup system are running and that all backups and archives are up-to-date.

  • CONFIGURE AND MAINTAIN FILE SERVERS, the Macola server, the phone interface server, the employee internal web and database server (configured with Ubuntu Unix and MariaDB), the GravityZoneEnterprise virtual server BitDefender server (anti-virus package).

  • CONFIGURE AND MAINTAIN THE CORPORATE FIREWALL (Dell SonicWall) and ensure the anti-malware package (Graffiti Wall) is properly configured and that the license is renewed when necessary. Coordinate with AT&T for any maintenance/upgrades to AT&T router and network/phone interface. Maintain a list of all IP addresses to prevent any IP conflicts. Troubleshoot and fix any connectivity problems and reset Ethernet switches when necessary to maintain connectivity. Activate RJ45 wall jackís when users need extra connections. Occasionally help employees or on-site vendors establish connections with NODE-UP (the Ronan wireless network).

  • CHECK SERVER ROOM daily to ensure all air-conditioning and UPS equipment are operational. Make certain no red lights are lit up on the any of the servers, routers, switches or the phone system (Avaya BCM450).

  • MAINTAIN THE MACOLA ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, provide assistance and guidance to Macola users as necessary, generate booking and inventory reports as requested, process weekly inventory downloads for import into the Inventory system, and generate exception reports for bad part numbers and report them to production. At fiscal year-end, zero out inventory and process all year-end inventory downloads, rebuild parts and inventory databases, and provide inventory reports to accounting and parts location list to warehouse. Provision access to Macola for new employees.

  • CONFIGURE AND MAINTAIN PRINTERS, check toner levels and change when necessary, configure address book send list for Canon and HP scanners, install print drivers on usersí desktops, and coordinate with outside vendors for necessary repairs.

  • MAINTAIN COMPANY VOIP PHONE SYSTEM, update phone display settings, voicemail accounts, and speed dial lines. Add and remove phone sets as necessary, provision outside lines, and provide any support necessary to ensure users are able to utilize their phones properly. Troubleshoot any equipment problems and implement proper shutdown and startup procedures for the BCM450 phone server when necessary. Change the company greeting and auto-attendant settings as required (e.g. Set message for holiday shutdown). Maintain Excel spreadsheet of all incoming and outgoing calls (phone number, extension, and length of call) using IT custom-written VB Net script.

  • MAINTAIN USERSí DESKTOPS, making certain the anti-virus is installed and up-to-date. Troubleshoot and fix any issues users may have, and fix or replace PCís as necessary. Order and setup all new computer equipment, install and configure licensing for all standard applications and any Ronan customized applications. Attach asset tags to all new equipment and record serial numbers and report them to accounting.

  • MAINTAIN COMPANY EMAIL SYSTEM, adding and removing user email accounts as necessary; monitor space usage on email accounts, and notify users when their user space allocation is nearing the limit. Troubleshoot issues that may arise when the email system malfunctions, and contact our provider RKN Studio, or their uplink, HostGator, as necessary.

  • HELP TO MAINTAIN EXTERNAL COMPANY WEB SITE ( using Joomla CMS to make minor adjustments to pages as users request and contact provider if there are any problems with the web server.

  • MAINTAIN COMPANY FTP server and provision access as required.

  • MAINTAIN INTERNAL COMPANY WEBSITE with useful links to HR documents, printer ink levels, company calendars, employee phone list, and external Ronan website and the company photo albums. Maintain job file location application (custom-coded PHP script for MariaDB Database).

  • TAKE AND EDIT PHOTOGRAPHS at company events, arrange into albums (PHP script based), and post them to internal company website. Also provide employee photos to HR for badges, and occasionally take pictures of company products to prepare documents for Sales and Engineering.

  • CONFIGURE AND MAINTAIN AMG TIME KEEPING SYSTEM and help HR if there are any issues with the system. Setup all employee schedules and time restrictions, configure annual holiday settings, add all first-time employees to the system, enroll them on time clock reader, and show them how to use it to clock in and out.

  • MAINTAIN COMPANY CALENDAR and adjust programming as necessary. I custom-programmed this using using PHP on a Unix platform.

  • ASSISTED ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT AS JUNIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER working on projects using C++ with QT Creator and various Microsoft Visual Studio packages.

  • SETUP TRAINING ROOM for any presentations on the overhead projector or flat screen console, assist with preparing overhead displays, Power Point presentations, conference calls, and employee indoctrination training videos.

  • MAINTAIN ACTIVE DIRECTORY DOMAIN, add/remove user accounts as necessary, and configure computers for local domain when necessary. Ensure local DNS and DHCP services are working properly, that proper network security is implemented, and that any sensitive information is only accessible to appropriate staff.

Technology Consultant III:  Hewlett-Packard (2011-2015)
  • VB SCRIPTING:  Wrote enterprise level server snapshot comparison VB Script. This extensive script, around 7,000 lines, takes a detailed snapshot of the state of a Wintel server, including items as such as network configuration, BIOS, manufacturer, disk and raid configuration, anti-virus protection and numerous other OS and hardware features. If any serious issues are found, such as missing or outdated anti-virus, failed RAID or hard drives, extremely low disk space, etc, an immediate warning will be issued. This same script can then be run again, presumably after changes have been made to the server, to generate a report of any changes that have been made to the server.

  • WROTE NUMEROUS VB SCRIPTS to download and process user account data and server data for inclusion in the Midranges Services Automation Page.

  • SQL ADMIN:  Maintained MS SQL database of Security Access Controls for the Midranges Services Automation Page.

  • PYTHON SCRIPTING:  Designed solution to extract job run data from HPSA database using a Python script. The script searches through the HPSA database for any new script jobs that had been run in the HPSA database, and extract the job run data from the HPSA system. This data is then be sent to the Midrange Services Automation Page where users could see the results of their runs.

Computer Systems Analyst II:  Northrop Grumman (2000-2010, Northrop Grumman acquired Litton in 2000)
  • NT SERVER ADMINISTRATION:  Apply security checklist to new servers, configure and maintain production servers (including Web, Citrix, Application, File and Print), ensuring proper DNS, TCP/IP, and WAN/LAN configuration settings, according to Northrop Grumman IT standards, apply all relevant security patches and ensure anti-virus protection is properly installed (Norton SAV). Monitor server performance and event logs. Configure server hardware, RAID / SAN systems, rack mount servers, and connect cables and KVM switch hardware. Submit change management requests when necessary for server maintenance.

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT, WEB SERVER CONFIGURATION:  Configured web servers using IIS, ensure proper certificate installation for SSL, setup and configured FTP sites.

  • ACTIVE DIRECTORY ADMIN:  Administration of user accounts and groups, account terminations, create/modify user groups using ADUC and ADSI Edit. Use of AD filters and LDAP scripts (LDIFDE, DSMOD, etc) to modify specific user account attributes (e.g. clearing Exchange delivery restrictions on all users, using input list to set user mailbox and org code info, etc). Relocate and remove user accounts. Home folder creation and deletion.

  • EXCHANGE ADMIN:  Configure Exchange 2000 / 2003 servers, and create and maintain email accounts, distribution lists and public folders. Disable mailboxes for terminated employees, move mailboxes for employee transfers and add / remove users from Blackberry server, ensure proper SMTP settings. Participated in Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 migration.

  • WROTE VB script to extract user information from Active Directory to provide various reports for HR.

System Administrator II:  Litton Systems (1997-2000)
  • DESKTOP SUPPORT:  Respond to tickets submitted by customers and troubleshoot customer computers for MS Windows, MS Office, and ensure proper client access to network and hardware and application installation problems.

  • NOVELL: ;nbsp; Performed Novell server installations and administered several Novell servers.

  • NOVELL TO NT MIGRATION:;nbsp; Performed all Novell to NT migrations for the Woodland Hills and Northridge Litton facilities.